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MOBILE NO: 988-401-1018
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Getting calls from 9884011018 or getting whatsapp messages from that number, then please help others by sharing a report, Get 9884011018 Details Report 9884011018,number is from Chennai and operator is Vodafone Essar ,If you have any data or news about this 9884011018 then add here using comment or complaint box.

Shop no.18, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058, Gilbert hill

Complains (30)

  • call forwarding name and address of mobile no - 28th May, 2020
  • My calls are forwarding to this number without my knowledge - 2nd Dec, 2019
  • I have 9176589642 Vodofone Number when i calling through this no the call the call is forwarding to 9884011018 no which i didn't set please sotp my call forwarding to 9884011018 - 29th Nov, 2019
  • this is not my number and important thing i have not even given my number to any one i dont my call is forwarding to this number 9884011018 i want stop this bull shit activities my number is 9962404401 from my number call is forwarded to this 9884011018 - 22nd Nov, 2019
  • My call forwarding TO THIS NUMBER 9884011018. But I never activated. Please stop. - 22nd Aug, 2019
  • My call forwarding number seems to be 9884011018 which I have not opted for. - 11th Aug, 2019
  • Call forwarded to the above mentioned number - 2nd Aug, 2019
  • my vioce reachable call forward this number - 25th Jul, 2019
  • My phone is being tapped and calls recorded pls stop this number - 8th Jun, 2019
  • my call is diverting to this number without my knowledge. need to stop it immediately - 24th May, 2019
  • All number was forward this number so immediately block and remove the number - 1st Mar, 2019
  • Hack my message and some detailed - 1st Mar, 2019
  • In my handset, for SIM 1, without my knowledge, voice call forward to 9884011018 is there, hw this is possibl - 16th Dec, 2018
  • Call forwarding to this number without my consent. - 11th Nov, 2018
  • Call forwarded to this number without my consent. - 29th Oct, 2018
  • It was found the most of the phone numbers are automatically forwarded to 9884011018 as it was with out the user knowledge. We are unable to remove it from the call forwarding settings. Probably more attention to this issue may required. - 14th Oct, 2018
  • When my number is unreachable automatically the ca is forwarded to this number . I don't no this number. - 24th Aug, 2018
  • My calls are forwarded to this number without my consent. I don't know whose number it is. - 9th Aug, 2018
  • This number is available in vodaphone service as a setting for when "forward when not reachable". - 11th Apr, 2018
  • My vodofone mobile calls are forwarded to this number without my knowledge illegally. - 11th Apr, 2018
  • My calls are forwarded to this number.. Pl block immediately... - 28th Mar, 2018
  • All vodafone calls are forwarding to this number - 20th Mar, 2018
  • My active calls are getting forwarded to this number () without my knowledge. It's a breach of my privacy 9884011018 - 16th Mar, 2018
  • Please remove this number from call forwarding.... - 12th Jan, 2018
  • All my calls from 9884469699 vodaphone are forwarded to this unknown number 9884011018 - 7th Nov, 2017
  • All my calls from Vodafone 9884469699 r being forwarded to dis unknow number 9884011018 - 7th Nov, 2017
  • Fraud number. Through this number in call forwarding you're being watched - 10th Jun, 2017
  • When my number is unreachable automatically the ca is forwarded to this number - 1st Jun, 2017
  • This number comes as the call forward number automatically - 29th Mar, 2017
  • This comes as a default call forwarding number whenever I make a call. - 7th Feb, 2017

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    Through this number he is trying to blackmail me. I am being threatened to become unsafe. - by Md Shaukat Ali
    This no user has forwarded calls to his no. Without knowledge kindly block this user - 22nd Apr, 2019 - by Sonu
    Continously getting this call. ...don't know what to say. ...saw many people complaining about this number anyone can guide what is this. ...without Country code the number is displaying. . - by Abhay
    Getting text messages from this number . Please fix the issue - by