Trace 966-455-5555 Mobile 09664555555

MOBILE NO: 966-455-5555
LOCATION: Mumbai Metro Telecom Circle (includes Navi Mumbai
COMPLAIN: Click here to REPORT this number

Reported by Users: Safe Unsafe Spam

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Getting calls from 9664555555 or getting whatsapp messages from that number, then please help others by sharing a report, Get 9664555555 Details Report 9664555555,number is from Mumbai Metro Telecom Circle (includes Navi Mumbai and operator is Loop Mobile ,If you have any data or news about this 9664555555 then add here using comment or complaint box.

418,Keshav Cottage, Bhaudaji Cross Road No 10, Matunga East, Mumbai - 400019

Complains (33)

  • Your Phone sends a 13 digit verification code every time you verify your mobile number on apps like BHIM or Tez or any other payment apps. When you choose the option verify SIM - this is auto generated *** NOT A SPAM or HACK*** - 20th Nov, 2018
  • I don't need messages from this number any kind. - 11th Nov, 2018
  • My inbox is showing sent messages of 13 random numbers to this number which I haven't sent. Please help me if it is harmful in any nature. - 7th Nov, 2018
  • Sending 13 digit number, that doesn't make sense? It has happened many times. - 31st Oct, 2018
  • Sending messages which do not make any sense and ere suspecious in nature - 15th Oct, 2018
  • In my phone automatically messages of 13 digit codes are going to this number 13/10/2018 12:00 PM - 14th Oct, 2018
  • In my phone automatically messages of 13 digit codes are going to this number. 13/10/2018 4.40 PM - 14th Oct, 2018
  • from above no i received 3738727636868 on my cell no. 9302781782 then i tried to speak but there is no response & also not connected. To inquire sent sms thrice for which also reply not received. Fail to understand why disturbing, confusing with bloody ulterior motos. Also being Govt. agency why tend to disturb. Surprised, astonished & eye opening that Govt. agencies tend to do so which not only confused buyt has disturbed Request to respond failing which I don't know what i will do - 11th Oct, 2018
  • No details but a number is sent in sms from the above number... Just got suspicious. - 1st Oct, 2018
  • This number automatically send 14 digit code from my mobile - 22nd Sep, 2018
  • What the hell is going on how this number can send 13 digit sms from my mobile number without my permission even it is not in my contact list - 9th Sep, 2018
  • I got one massege from this no that is not sent by me - 20th Aug, 2018
  • I think this is a fraud no. I got an massege that i am not sent. - 20th Aug, 2018
  • Spam. Asked for bank account details and atm card details. Feel like virus kind number - 20th Aug, 2018
  • Automatic 13digit number is going to this number - 19th Aug, 2018
  • Automatically the message is transferred to that number please help. - 18th Aug, 2018
  • These people are calling me and forcing me to share 13 digit number i m receiving in my mobile.. help - 30th Jun, 2018
  • some one automatically send 13 digit no from my mobile ? - 29th Jun, 2018
  • Uñknown messages are sent without my involvement - 17th Jun, 2018
  • Some no is automatically sender to this number through my mobile.. Please take action on this number before any harm - 15th Jun, 2018
  • 13digit number send to this number via my mobile? Why and what is this? - 14th Jun, 2018
  • Mere mobile ko es number se hack kiya ja raha hai - 7th Jun, 2018
  • Hi some 13 didgit number is sent out from my mobile number to 9664555555 how to block it - 7th Jun, 2018
  • In my phone automatically messages of 13 digit codes are going to this number may I please get any help - 6th Jun, 2018
  • This number automatically send 14 digit code from my mobile ... - 5th Jun, 2018
  • This no automatically sends messages from my mobile. - 2nd Jun, 2018
  • My phone automatically send codes to this number . - 31st May, 2018
  • My phone automatically send codes to this number - 27th May, 2018
  • My phone Automatically send message to this number - 23rd May, 2018
  • My mobile automatically sent a no. something like acc. no. to this number - 7th May, 2018
  • My phone automatically send codes to this number - 29th Apr, 2018
  • My phone auomatically sent a code to this mobile number: 09664555555 - 26th Apr, 2018
  • This no heang the automatic otp no through my mobile - 1st Sep, 2017

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