Trace 895-300-3068 Mobile 08953003068

MOBILE NO: 895-300-3068
LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh (East)
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Getting calls from 8953003068 or getting whatsapp messages from that number, then please help others by sharing a report, Get 8953003068 Details Report 8953003068,number is from Uttar Pradesh (East) and operator is Airtel ,If you have any data or news about this 8953003068 then add here using comment or complaint box.

D-6, Dhanraj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005, Opposite Indigo Deli Restaurant, Apollo Bunder

Complains (31)

  • इस नंबर से मुझको रोज फोन आता है उठाने पर बात नहीं करता और फोन कट जाता है जब मैं फोन करता हूं तो आउट ऑफ कवरेज बताता है फोन नहीं लगता बिजी बताता है लेकिन रोज फोन करता है यह आखिर यह नंबर किसका है क्यों फोन करता है जब बात नहीं करना है तू चुटिया क्यों फोन करता है - 14th Jan, 2021
  • I receive a call from this number and then when i pick it up it gets disconnected and when i call back it says out of coverage . So please block this number . I use airtel sim - 14th Jan, 2021
  • Allahabad bzfsngxgdbhh hafshdh Fbdgxbeg - 28th Sep, 2020
  • इस नंबर से बार-बार मुझे कॉल आ रही है और जब मैं इस नंबर पर कॉल कर रहा हूं तो यह नंबर आउट ऑफ कवरेज बता रहा है मैं इस नंबर से परेशान हूं???? - 8th Sep, 2020
  • Do not know the user and give calls all time - 19th Aug, 2020
  • Please link Aadhar card kisakee naam Ka hai - 18th Aug, 2020
  • He is a very bad guy hxnnxnxnxj dhbdjdkdsn dhjdjdjdj dbdjjdjdjsjz dhsjjsjs - 10th Aug, 2020
  • Again and again call me and disturbing me and abuse me I am female. - 1st Aug, 2020
  • is number ki location kya hai plz answer me iwaiting - 7th Jul, 2020
  • when i call him back then he also switch off - 23rd Jun, 2020
  • 8953003068 owner of this number call me everday, but when I called phone was switched off??? Please search and kill him - 16th Jun, 2020
  • Abuse any reason - 16th Jun, 2020
  • This is fake number .. i did not want to recieve a call from this number . I already blocked this number.. and unusually called me. - 9th Jun, 2020
  • Kiska no hai ye cell phone number kiska hai - 27th May, 2020
  • Disturb - 22nd Feb, 2020
  • Call distribution for three days after a - 3rd Feb, 2020
  • Udhar se call aa rha hai jb hm call utha rhe hai to udhar se koi bol hi nhii rha hai call kat kr de rha hai fir jb hm edhar se call kr rhe hai to call lg hi nhii rha hai or gaali bhi diyaa tha - 8th Dec, 2019
  • Udhar se call kr rha hai but jb hm bol rhe hai to kuchh bol hi nhii rha h or kat kr de rha hai call pir jb hm edhar se call kr rhe hai to call jaa hi nhii rha h or gaali bhi de rha hai - 8th Dec, 2019
  • Hi calling but pickup phone and No reply i am filling not well - 2nd Dec, 2019
  • He is a scoundrel of the first order.He is a criminal - 15th Nov, 2019
  • Bar bar phone karke pareshan kar raha hai - 23rd Sep, 2019
  • Call came n sounded like something scary roaring - 12th Sep, 2019
  • Call came n sounded like something scary roaring - 12th Sep, 2019
  • this no. 8953003068 is fake caller miss caal vulger talj - 11th Sep, 2019
  • calling non stop on my number .cant say anything - 20th Jun, 2019
  • Backchodi ho rahai hai. call ane par koi kuch nahi bol raha hai. pata nahi kaise mera number mil gaya. chutiye ko. - 26th Mar, 2019
  • I got a call and it said to give satisfaction feedback by pressing 0 to 9. I don't know dhire number is this. If I call back , it's not going. . - 12th Mar, 2019
  • He call me and not talking when I call him it's not available - 8th Oct, 2018
  • fake call from this number . this is nonsense person. - 27th Jul, 2018
  • not any complain in this nomber only for cheking - 3rd Dec, 2017
  • Today 17:30 Call me anybody by this number 8953003068 .but when i give the back call ,tha call is not going on this number. - 21st Nov, 2017

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