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9830446033Kolkata10 seconds ago
7307777727Punjab43 seconds ago
9825107852Gujarat1 minute ago
9820510662Mumbai1 minute ago
8002004511Bihar & Jharkhand Telecom Circle1 minute ago
8511199856Gujarat1 minute ago
7052951305Uttar Pradesh1 minute ago
9220555666Mumbai Metro Telecom Circle (includes Navi Mumbai2 minutes ago
8126955174Uttar Pradesh (West)2 minutes ago
7887528843Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh2 minutes ago
9052865559Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle (includes Yanam)2 minutes ago
9546130744Bihar & Jharkhand Telecom Circle3 minutes ago
9889643162Uttar Pradesh(East)3 minutes ago
9990391408Delhi3 minutes ago
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Gumsuda person it's my father. I lose my father in last night - reported by Kamal
my call is diverting to this number without my knowledge. need to stop it immediately - reported by
False complain details shared by a woman - reported by sa
From this 9821716791 number with a voice message offering for free 10 MB data and compel the user to press "1" for yes ... then call disconnected. This may be a password PHISH or bank details theft or OTP theft. I made a call to this 9821716791 number but says invalid number. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS NUMBER. ALERT. - reported by Pal
Daily missed calls and when I call back it shows that number doesn’t exist. - reported by
wear are you bro.kjusjo jkbsd k;ahsd jkhuiwoipoqm sijaw'sad - reported by soft
he is demanding atm card number and atm pin. - reported by
SMS sent to this number automatically through my device in which contains all information about my device - reported by Pravin

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