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i found this lady on dating website and then conversation starts 1st she demands the 100 rs then she ask for 1000 then another 2000 but i stops at 1100. she is cheater not a call girl - reported by Rishu raj
This number calls me and after receiving my mobile balance is deducted. - reported by
I have been getting unwanted call from this number. This fellow has been continuously calling my number every 2-3 days. - reported by
Automatic 13digit number is going to this number - reported by
Detail get of upi from message without my knowldge - reported by Vineet
I found an automated text messages from my phone to this number...i don't know why...please help.... - reported by
Sending my passwords, automatically without knowing me. - reported by
A UpI number has been sent from my phone to this number automatically . I came to know about it while going through messages - reported by

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