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7022894239Karnataka Telecom Circle.3 seconds ago
8093289819Orissa Telecom Circle28 seconds ago
9788399447TamilNadu32 seconds ago
9962193159Chennai1 minute ago
9953776314Delhi1 minute ago
5330011210Check Comment Section for Details1 minute ago
7602352431West Bengal2 minutes ago
6103048381Check Comment Section for Details2 minutes ago
7399214179Assam3 minutes ago
9894035100TamilNadu3 minutes ago
9211820919Delhi Metro Telecom Circle (includes NCR, Faridaba4 minutes ago
7702123343Andhra Pradesh5 minutes ago
9311874214Delhi Metro Telecom Circle (includes NCR, Faridaba5 minutes ago
7808603152Bihar & Jharkhand6 minutes ago
9871117119Delhi7 minutes ago

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Caller trying to blackmail me for moneycard - reported by Richard Downes
Sending messages which do not make any sense and ere suspecious in nature - reported by Jasvinder Singh
This no called me many times why this happening nd what is this no is?? - reported by Kk
Frod call my NO this no trace & detail . - reported by Rajesh
Repeated calls with vulgar talks. Request the authorities to take action. - reported by Rajini
In my phone automatically messages of 13 digit codes are going to this number 13/10/2018 12:00 PM - reported by MANISH KUMAR
In my phone automatically messages of 13 digit codes are going to this number. 13/10/2018 4.40 PM - reported by RAJESH JAGTAP
It was found the most of the phone numbers are automatically forwarded to 9884011018 as it was with out the user knowledge. We are unable to remove it from the call forwarding settings. Probably more attention to this issue may required. - reported by shameerariff

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